Kaitlyn Rae Ryan is a visual artist and a creative freelancer living in Yallingup, Western Australia. She has a passion for exploring her physical surroundings visually through dramatic, vibrant
colours, organic shapes, and layered textures. She paints with acrylics and mixed media intuitively to reveal a dreamy, romantic style that's an expression to the unconscious.
Since immigrating permanently 4 years ago from Canada, Kaitlyn has explored her new surroundings visually and emotionally by reflecting the unique beauty of nature in Australia with her original paintings. 

In her late teens/early twenties, Kaitlyn continued to grow and develop creatively by exploring other mediums and methods as well: digital photo retouching and makeup artistry piqued her interest and so she attended a prestigious art school in Vancouver, Canada and went on to work as a makeup artist and effects makeup artist for TV, Film, and Fashion for several years while continuing to paint and design. Her experiences with prosthetics in effects makeup lead to an independent exploration into sculpting and prosthetics work and she continues to contract out her skills in prosthetics and character design to the television and film community. Photo Retouching came naturally to Kaitlyn as she'd been interning for her father's graphic design business since her early teens and because she had already trained in school. Her years of experience in makeup work means she's uniquely qualified for beauty retouching, as she can fix or add makeup digitally while also improving the overall aesthetic of the image. Kaitlyn specialises in high-end beauty retouching, but she also does commercial product retouching, real estate photos, wedding photos, and digital restoration. 


08 9794 6086


1/222 Naturaliste Terrace